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Transmission Belt: Running

Transmission belts were used during the early years of industrialisation to power all kinds of machines. A system of shafts and leather or textile belts transmitted the power of the drive engine to the machines. Drive engines could be wind or water mills, steam engines or electrical engines in later years.
This recording was made close to a running transmission belt at the LWL-Industriemuseum TextilWerk Bocholt. Today the transmission system, which powers the museum’s historical weaving machines, is run by an electric engine. As the weaving machines were not running at the moment of recording, only the smacking sound of the leather transmission belt running over the shaft can be heard along with the other shafts and belts within the weaving hall.
Sound Recordist: Kathinka Engels
Photographer / Videographer: Kathinka Engels


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Recorded on November 20, 2018
TextilWerk Bocholt (Weberei)
Bocholt, GERMANY
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