What is Sounds of Changes?

Sound of Changes is a cooperation between six museums in Europe.

Swedish Air Force Museum
Linköping, Sweden

Museum of Municipal Engineering
Krakow, Poland

Technical museum of Slovenia

Dortmund, Germany

The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas
Tampere, Finland

Museum of Work
Norrköping, Sweden

Sound of Changes is financed by the museums (61 %) and the European Union, Culture 2000 (39 %) and the turnover for the two years project
is 512 000 €.

Society is changing rapidly. When our time is described in the history books it will surely be compared with the industrial revolution. With the help of project Sounds of Changes we wish to document a portion of this rapid change, namely the change in the acoustic landscape. How does today’s world sound? By collecting today’s sounds and soundscapes, we create a reference material that can be used for historical comparisons and descriptions.

Can I download sounds?

Go ahead!

Can I use the sounds?

But don’t play them too loudly…

Can I use them where ever I want?

They are free to use

Can I change the sounds?

Be creative!

Can I use the sounds to make money?

Yes! And good luck!

Do I have to give credits to the person who recorded the sound, photographer or video recordist?