1950s agriculture hot bulb Szreniawa tractor Ursus

Tractor Ursus C-45

The sound of two stroke engine in the Ursus C-45 tractor in operation. The recording was realized in the National Museum of Agriculture and Agricultural-Food Industry in Szreniawa (Poland).
Ursus C-45 was the first tractor manufactured in Poland after the Second World War. Its design was based on the German tractor D9506.
Single cylinder two stroke heavy oil engine type C-45 was applied in the tractor, with the maximum power of 45 HP, bolted with three-speed gearbox. The cylinder was placed horizontally. The engine was started by heating the hot bulb installed in the front with manual blowlamp. After heating it was necessary to remove the steering wheel together with the steering column and insert it into one of the side flywheels. Then it was possible to start the engine by turning the steering wheel. First versions of the tractor were equipped with steel wheels, without tires. Rubber rings were applied on them to make it possible for the tractors to move on paved roads.

Manufacturer: Ursus Factory
Years of manufacture: 1947-1959

Sound recordist: Monika Widzicka
Photographer: Piotr Leszczyński
Video recordist: Piotr Leszczyński


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Recorded on June 25, 2015
National Museum of Agriculture and Agricultural-Food Industry
Szreniawa, POLAND
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