Rotary dial Telephone

Telephone Tulipan – dialling

Analogue telephone with a rotary dial. The Tulipan telephone was designed for domestic purposes and produced by Radom Telecommunication Company (RWT) in 1970s. In 1980s the second version of Tulipan was introduced with number buttons instead of a roatry dial.
The history of RWT dates back to 1938 when the company was established by Erickson as its subsidiary in Poland. After II World War RWT became the main telephones manufacturer in Poland. The whole series of desktop telephones produced by RWT in 1970s was named after flowers: Tulipan (Tulip), Aster (Aster), Bratek (Pansy) and Malwa (Alcea).

Sound level: 57 db
Manufactured by Radom Telecommunication Company (RWT), Poland

Sound recordist: Jagna Firek
Photographer: Jakub Nowara
Video recordist: Amadeusz FerduĊ‚a


5.5 MB
31 s
2 (Stereo)
Sample rate:
Bit rate:
Bit depth:
44.1 kHz
1411 kb/s
16 bit

Recorded on May 21, 2014
Museum of Municipal Engineering
Krakow, POLAND
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