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  • Carpet beater

    The carpet beater from the 1970s served as a household tool for cleaning carpets. This example is a privately owned keepsake. Differently than with a vacuum...
  • Alarm clock

    The mechanical alarm clock of the brand Kaiser from the 1930s was a mass-produced article and predominantly used in private households. It is now part...
  • Analog Radio

    A big change is on its way within the field of commercial radio transmissions. The old analog radio transmissions is being replaced by modern digital...
  • Angel chimes

    The Swedish sound of Christmas? Angel chimes are a form of Christmas decoration popular in Europe and North America. Angel chimes have candle holders at...
  • Baking machine

    Baking machine for baking bread. The brand is Melissa. Photo and recording Helena Törnqvist
  • Bathroom fan

    A fan in the shower which circulates the air in the bathroom. Photo and recording by Helena Törnqvist.
  • Blender

    Kitchen Blender for mixing different foods, crushing ice and various other functions. Photo and recording Helena Törnqvist
  • Blender

    Hand held blender for mixing smooth soups etc. Photo and recording Helena Törnqvist
  • Box mangle

    Box mangle

    This box mangle consists of a heavy frame with two large heavy rectangular stones. The lower stone is fixed and the upper one moves back and forth. Between...
  • Box mangle

    Box mangle

    Box mangle On this recording both rollers have rolled sheets. The sheets are rolled on the roller which is placed between the mangle stones. It has to...
  • Breadbox Nils Johan

    This is a breadbox manufactured by the Swedish company Nils Johan sometime during the 1970s. Nils Johan was a prominent manufacturer of kitchenware in...
  • Changing a String to Classical Guitar

    In the audio you can hear how changing a string to a guitar sounds. First removing the old string and after that installing a new one and tuning it to...