67 sounds in category The home
  • Clock

    Wall clock from the 1920s. The materials consists mostly out of wood, aside from the clockworks in metal. The clock was a usual sight in most Swedish homes...
  • Coffee grinder

    The manual coffee grinder from the 1960's was used in households to grind roasted coffee beans for brewing. With the advance of industrialization these...
  • Coffee maker

    Coffee maker

    Coffee grounds are placed in a paper filter inside a funnel, which is set over a glass coffee pot. Cold water is poured into a separate chamber, which...
  • Coffee percolator

    A coffee percolator in stainless steel, made in the 2000s. The percolator is a sort of pot that is used to brew coffee using gravity, filtering the...
  • Computer work at home

    Soundscape, computer work at home, the computer is Lenovo Think pad. Photo and recording Helena Törnqvist
  • Diamond Blade Drilling (Plumbing Renovation)

    The audio was recorded in an apartment during the plumbing renovation work in the building. The loudest sound that can be heard is a diamond blade drill...
  • Dishwasher

    A small Dishwasher för the small household. Washes dirty dishes clean. Photo and recording Helena Törnqvist
  • Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Dalek toy

    If one has seen the British sci-fi series Doctor Who, then no further explanation is needed. However, for all of you who haven't seen the show, one is...
  • Dryer

    A white dryer from the 1990s manufactured by Husqvarna. You put your wet clothes and tumble dry your clothes. Photo and recording by Helena Törnqvist.
  • Electric mixer

    Electric mixer for baking or whipping cream. Photo and recording Helena Törnqvist
  • Grinding nuts with a hand grinder

    Potica is probably the most popular traditional Slovenian pastry, and in the past was made to celebrate high festivals, including Christmas. According...
  • Hair dryer

    A yellow hair dryer manufactured by OBH Nordica, purchased in 2018. It blows hot air and dries your hair. Photo and recording by Helena Törnqvist.