Antonssons Mangelfabrik Box Mangle Laundry Mangle Uppsala

Box mangle

This box mangle consists of a heavy frame with two large heavy rectangular stones. The lower stone is fixed and the upper one moves back and forth. Between the stones are two rollers where the laundry is rolled-up. It’s powered by an electric engine.

The box mangle is a mechanical version of the hand-held mangle boards and rollers/pins used in many parts of northern Europe. It is used for pressing and smoothing, and was an alternative to hot ironing for larger items. Flat items, like sheets and tablecloths, usually need no further ironing. The box mangle is a large and expensive affair and was often used by very large households, commercial laundries or by self-employed mangle women who served their local area. This machine was installed in an apartment building by the housing association. The house was built 1945.

Today not many people use this type of mangle and there are a lot of ads saying you can have our mangle for free if you remove it!

Manufacturer: A.T. Antonssons Mangelfabrik, Kulladal
Manufacturing number: 135
Owner A. Dahlqvist

Electric engine from Elektromekano, Helsingborg
Type: B 08/4


22.7 MB
2 min 8 s
2 (Stereo)
Sample rate:
Bit rate:
Bit depth:
44.1 kHz
1413 kb/s
16 bit
65 dB

Recorded on January 17, 2015
Laundry room
Uppsala, SWEDEN
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