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Liisa Matveinen – Ilomantsin Kirkonkellot with 15-string Kantele

Liisa Matveinen is a professional traditional folk musician who has done her masters degree in Kantele playing and singing.

Kantele is a traditional Finnish and Karelian instrument which is played by plucking the strings. The amount of strings vary from small traditional 5-string versions to 40-string concert models.

Kantele is also mentioned in Finnish national epic Kalevala. In Kalevala the mage Väinämöinen makes the first Kantele from a jaw bone of a huge pike.

In this recording Matveinen is playing a 15-string Kantele called Kirjokansi. Made by luthier Jyrki Pölkki.

Sound & Photo: Antti Makkonen


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Recorded on July 15, 2018
Parppeinvaaran Runokylä
Ilomantsi, FINLAND
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