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Glove maker: machine sewing (2)

The sound of sewing leather using Singer machine. The sound was recorded in T. Kowalski Gloves Atelier at 10 Chmielna Street in Warsaw (Poland).
The recorded machine is used for edging, i.e. finishing the edges of leather accessories. It is a pedal-powered machine. In contrast to regular sewing machines, here the needle operates horizontally.
In T. Kowalski Gloves Atelier in Warsaw, all gloves are handmade in the workshop in accordance with traditional craftsmanship methods. Customers may choose from a wide range of available sizes, but they can also order gloves made to measure. In the Kowalski family the tradition of gloves manufacturing dates back to the year 1900, when the first workshop was established in Warsaw at Solec Street. At the time, each classy woman possessed at least several pairs of leather gloves, as it was considered good style to wear them outdoors and in company. At present, even if handmade gloves give way to mass made accessories, the quality of their performance is significantly higher and they are much more durable.

Sound recordist: Monika Widzicka
Photographer: Iwo Wachowicz
Video recordist: Iwo Wachowicz


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Recorded on February 18, 2015
T. Kowalski Gloves Atelier
Warsaw, POLAND
Creative Commons License