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Brewery: grinding of wheat malt (2)

The sound of a mill grinding wheat malt. The recording was made in the Ursa Maior brewery in Uherce Mineralne (Poland).
The mill comprises two threaded rolls that rotate in opposite directions. The grain falls in between the rolls where it is ground. The mill can be set to grind at different levels of coarseness.
Ground malt is deposited in the hopper underneath the mill and then fed directly into a mash tun.
There are many types of barley and wheat malt, such as caramel malt used for brewing dark beer. Sounds produced by the mill differ depending on the ground grain’s characteristics – for example, if it is brittle or hard.
Roppi 1100 malt mill, Robix, Hungary

Ursa Maior jest is a microbrewery, where the beer is produced according to the brewery’s original recipes. The entire production process lasts about a month, the beer is unpasteurized and unfiltered.

Sound recording: Monika Widzicka
Photographer: Ewelina Jędrychowska


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Recorded on August 11, 2015
Ursa Maior brewery
Uherce Mineralne, POLAND
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