Coke Mill Railway

Coke Mill

A coke-crushing mill used to prepare the material for smelting in a small furnace. It is of unknown origin, but based on its design was most likely manufactured in the railway’s own workshops. The mill is located in the workshop forge area and is still in use. It comprises an electric motor, cog driven transmission, two ribbed rollers and a stock container standing on a base made of U-profiled steel.
Sound: Via the cog transmission, the electric motor drives two ribbed rollers revolving in opposite directions. Coke fed from a stock container is crushed between the rollers and collected in a vessel at the bottom.

Sound level: 88,8 dB

Sound recordist: Dušan Oblak
Photographer: Neža Renko
Video recordist: Barbara Grilc


11 MB
57 s
2 (Stereo)
Sample rate:
Bit rate:
Bit depth:
48 kHz
1536 kb/s
16 bit
89 dB

Recorded on April 17, 2014
Railway Museum
Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
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