Camera Pentacon photography Praktica shutter release

Camera Praktica Super TL – shutter release

Praktica is a brand of cameras manufactured by Pentacon in Dresden since 1949.
Praktica Super TL is a single-lens reflex camera with the full-frame image size (24x36 mm), manufactured in 1968. It belongs to the third generation of cameras with through-the-lens metering (TTL) – a feature allowing to measure light level in a scene through the taking lenses, as opposed to a separate metering window. The Praktica cameras were more popular in the Eastern bloc countries than on the West.

Manufactured by Pentacon, Dresden, Germany (GDR)
Sound level: 62 dB

Sound recordist: Jagna Firek
Photographer: Jakub Nowara
Video recordist: Amadeusz Ferduła


5.9 MB
33 s
2 (Stereo)
Sample rate:
Bit rate:
Bit depth:
44.1 kHz
1411 kb/s
16 bit
62 dB

Recorded on May 22, 2014
Museum of Municipal Engineering
Krakow, POLAND
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