Main Square

At the central square of Piran

The central square of Piran used to a harbour but it was remade as a large town square covered with stones, so there is a rather heavy echo in the recording because of that. The square was named after composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770) who was born in the town. Today Piran attracts lots of tourists with its strange mixture of different cultures which can be seen for example in architecture, which reminds a lot of Venice but has other aspects like Austro-Hungarian influences also.

Recording was made as a collaborating effort by the participants of the Piranova Colloquium Sounds and Music. The objective was to find sounds which are essential for the local commune. One of the important sound elements in the town is the bells of the Cathedral of St George up in a hill. The bell can be heard at 1:00 in the recording.

Photo: Kimmo Kestinen


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Recorded on March 28, 2019
Tartini square
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