clock Factory Main Square

Frenckell Factory at 12 am

A Clock tower placed In the Tampere central square that is part of the formal Frenckell Paper Factory.
It was the first paper factory In Finland owning a paper machine. The paper machine was activated in 1842.
Current buildings were build in 1903-1905 which were desingned by Birger Federley . The activity of the paper factory ended in 1929.

Currently the buildings are housing the service point of the city of Tampere and the Tampere Theatre has one stage at the room of the old factory.
The complex is an important part of Finnish national scenery.

The clock was modernized in 2017.The clock has led lightning, various melodies to play at on the hour. In the sound file you can hear the clock at 12 am with melody.

Sound recordist, Video recordist, Photographer: Laura Vaara


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Recorded on January 19, 2018
Frenckell Square
Tampere, FINLAND
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