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Tassimo coffee system

This is a Tassimo single-serve coffee system manufactured by Bosch, and bought in Sweden. It it a machine similar to the Nespresso system which makes single-serve coffee or hot beverages using a sort of capsule. You can make, espresso, cafe americano, hot chocolate, tea, lattes and much more. On each little capsule, or disc, is a bar code which is read by the machine and it then changes the temperature of the water, the amount of water, brew time and strength according to the code. Even though the discs cannot be reused and it isn't a very environmental-friendly system it has still gained some popularity in Sweden, mostly because it is a simple and fast way to make a single cup of coffee.

Photo and recording by Erik Pålsson.


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Recorded on July 2, 2018
Norrköping, SWEDEN
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