2010s Finland Lorries Soundscape Urban infrastructure winter

Snow collecting – a lorry passes by

During wintertime it is essential for Nordic cities to take care of the snow in the streets. City of Tampere has three places, where the snow can be transported to. One of them is situated in Lielahti at a former factory area on the outskirts of the city. Private contractors can buy licences for delivering snow. One lorry full of snow costs around 15 euros plus taxes. Lorries are driven up to the artificial snow hill where the tractor is waiting and emptied there. The fence is automatic and it recognise licenced lorries by the register number. During spring the hill is slowly melting away, but the dust and gravel within the snow will make the hill look black and creates an insulating layer, so that the remnants of the hill vanish only during Summer months.

In the background there is a traffic sound of Tampere-Vaasa highway.

The climate change can affect to the need for such a places. However, because this industrial area is under urban development, in a few years time there might not be a place to dump snow there anyway.
The sound can be also loaded as a multichannel version from www.tkm.fi/sounds3d/lielahti5.1.wav

Photograph, video, soundrecorder etc. Kimmo Kestinen, Finnish Labour Museum Werstas


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Recorded on March 13, 2019
Lielahti, Former industrial area / Urban development area
Tampere, FINLAND
Creative Commons License