construction Construction site pile-driver pile-driving

Asemakeskus Building 4th Of May 2018

Construction work of Asemakeskus continues on a steady pace. Part of the base wall is being built. Workers work simultaneously in different part of the site. In the audio you can hear cars passing by and a pile-driver.

“Technopolis is building a new campus called Asemakeskus in Tampere, near the railway station.

Asemakeskus will consist of three towers, the first one being eight stories, the second one ten and the third nine. Asemakeskus offers offices for companies.

The planned completion date is January 2020.

The campus will be at the foot of Erkkilä Bridge. The extensive landscape of the railway yard will be covered by the high building.”
– The Asemakeskus Building Site, Sound Of Changes

Video recorder, sound recorder, photographer: Mikael Maffei


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Recorded on May 4, 2018
Tampere, FINLAND
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