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Stationary Hot Bulb Engine – running

Stationary engines were mainly used for driving farm machinery. Like other forms of motive power (water, steam), stationary engines used in agriculture only facilitated harvest work in outbuildings. It was not until the introduction of tractors that motorization of work in the fields was possible.

Through the use of a belt pulley, the exhibited stationary engine is capable of driving a threshing machine, trieur, and straw cutter. It is a four-stroke engine using petrol as fuel. It was made in the late 19-th or the early 20-th century on the territory of Austria-Hungary.

Sound recordist: Dušan Oblak
Photographer: Iko Krašovec
Video recordist: Barbara Grilc


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Recorded on March 3, 2014
Technical Museum of Slovenia
Bistra pri Vrhniki, SLOVENIA
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