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Sound of the wood (lutherie)

At this stage, the luthier tests the instrument by producing some sounds. These sounds are linked to many factors such as the thickness of the board, wood density, the position of the bars, etc.

Sebastian has been working as a luthier for the past 13 years. He creates guitars and specialises in gypsy acoustic instruments.
After a degree in mechanic and some training in architecture, Sebastien turned towards violin making and trained in Beziers working with some professionals. He has been living for 7 years in Belgium and has settled in a collective studio in rue de l’Indépendance, in Molenbeek, with a dozen other skilled craft workers .
His customers are found amongst professional musicians or keen players. To make a good guitar he needs an average of 200 working hours. He creates about 8 instruments per year. While the guitar is, in fact, a popular instrument, it is clear that ordering a customized guitar is a very luxury purchase available to only very few people.
The sound of the guitar will depend on the wood used (the table is made of spruce or cedar) and the relative humidity. Tannic woods will colour the music.


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Recorded on February 10, 2015
Brussels, BELGIUM
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