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Pro Freight Station Demonstration

Pro Freight Station -movement organized a demonstration that was held at January 12 on the Friday morning 9 am at Frenckell Square in Tampere. January 12 was also held a governmental negotiation of the future of the Freight Station and it´s environment. The demonstration was scheduled for half an hour before the beginning of the official negotiation, with the aim of meeting the negotiators.

With a demonstration, the Pro Freight Station -Movement wants to remind that the Freight Station is a unique part of the history of Tampere.

In the place where the Freight Station were completed in 1907 have been planned to build a multi-storey building.

In the audio file can be heard catchphrases like “Tavara-asema säilytettävä” (Freight Sation must save) and “Kuka päättää Tampereella?” (Who decides in Tampere?) Last-mentioned refers to that it is unclear who has decided to continue the new design of the area. In the video can also be seen plaques with more catchphrases.

Sound recorder: Henri Pyöriä
Video recorder, Photographer: Laura Vaara


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Recorded on January 12, 2018
Frenckell Square
Tampere, FINLAND
Creative Commons License