#fridaysforfuture climate change demonstration environmental Global climate strike Protest Soundscape

Fridays For Future (Sweden): Outside the parliament- crowd chanting slogans

#fridaysforfuture is a youth protest movement that demands more dedicated climate politics. Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg started the movement, when she went on a school strike for three weeks in August 2018. Every day she sat in front of the Swedish parliament to protest against the lack of action on climate change. She has continued to strike every Friday. All over Europe many pupils have followed her example.

Another soundscape from the big crowd outside the Swedish parliament the 15: th of March 2019. The crowd is chanting slogans. Demanding change in politics concerning the climate.
Sound recording and photography: Fredrik Johansson


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Recorded on March 15, 2019
Public Square
Stockholm, SWEDEN
Creative Commons License