loom Szreniawa textile Weaving


The sound of weaving on a loom. The recording was realized in the National Museum of Agriculture and Agri-Food Industry in Szreniawa (Poland).

Hand loom is a contemporary device manufactured for educational purposes to be used during educational classes in the museum. Weaving is done by intersecting two perpendicular thread systems (the warp and the weft) according to an appropriate weave. Weaving yarn constitutes raw material for the production of textiles. A good weaver is able to weave 10 meters of textile a day.

Sound recordist: Monika Widzicka
Photographer: Piotr Leszczyński
Video recordist: Piotr Leszczyński


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Recorded on June 25, 2015
National Museum of Agriculture and Agricultural-Food Industry
Szreniawa, POLAND
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