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Demonstration Against the Active Model

The active model for unemployment benefits was put into effect on 1 January 2018 in Finland.
unemployed person will be required to report his job-seeking efforts to their employment office every three months. If his effort are judged not to meet the stipulated requirements, his benefit will be cut by 4.65 percent, or the approximate equivalent of one day of benefits.

The active model has been heavily criticized. The model cuts unemployed benefits, even if the unemployed is actually active and seeking employment or training but doesn´t succeed to get the job.
In February 2018, a one-day strike in the transport sector was organized to counteract the active model, which hindered public transport. At the same time, around 8000 people attended a demonstration in Helsinki in Senate Square.

In the video Juhana Vartiainen, the member of Parliament who stands for active model, tells his opinion about the active model in a demonstration on stage. While he is speaking, the demonstrators in the audience are barracking loudly to show their resistance.

Video recorder, Sound recorder: Laura Vaara
Photographer: Anne Lahtinen


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Recorded on February 2, 2018
Senate Square
Helsinki, FINLAND
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