Bottrop Coal coal mine Mine P.E.S. Pressure Exchange System Prosper Haniel

Coal Mine Prosper Haniel XXI – Pressure Exchange System

In December 2018 Prosper Haniel, the last active coal mine of the Ruhr area, was closed down. Before the end “Sounds of Changes”-project worker Konrad Gutkowski had a last chance to document its disappearing sounds.

The coal mine in Bottrop was founded in 1856. Regular mining began in 1863 with about 60.000 tons of coal per year. Until 2016 it reached a depth of 1240 metres and mined 1.8 Million tons of coal per year. During the “Wirtschaftswunder” in the 1950s up to 12.000 coal miners worked at Prosper Haniel. Structural change and the decline of coal mining began in the late 1960s. Due to high production costs in Germany coal has been increasingly imported from China, India and the USA. One after the other the coal mines in the Ruhr area were closed down.

The Pressure Exchange System (P.E.S.) or three-chamber tube distributer is part of the cooling system for the mine. It links high-pressure and low-pressure water circuits. Valves within its three tube-chambers can be opened and closed to ensure the circulation of cooling water and regulate the pressure. In this recording the rushing water can be heard as it is pumped through the chambers of the P.E.S.

Sound: Jens Meißburger

Photo: Jochen Balke (Sirius Images)


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Recorded on April 11, 2018
Prosper Haniel
Bottrop, GERMANY
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