alcohol Stairs

Climbing the metal stairs up at Alcoholic beverage plant in Rajamäki (Rajamäen Ryyppi -museum)

At the alcoholic beverage plant in Rajamäki there is a factory- and alcohol museum Rajamäen Ryyppi. The plant is now owned by Altia. Altia is joint-stock corporation, owned partly by the Finnish government (around 30 %). Altia produces several different Finnish, Swedish and Danish heritage spirits In Rajamäki the production department works in three shifts. Annual production is over 60 million litres. The Rajamäki plant has about 230 employees.

The history of the plant started year 1889. Finnish government took over the factory in 1920 during the prohibition era. Company organised its own closed for public museum into old distillery in 1963. The attitude towards alcohol have relax since a bit, so the museum was opended for public 2017.

Like the workers earlier also the visitor must climb the iron stairs into different floors. In the recording there is the sound of going up the iron stairs.

Sound and photo: Kimmo Kestinen


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Recorded on June 17, 2019
Alcoholic beverage plant in Rajamäki / Rajamäen Ryyppi museum
Rajamäki, FINLAND
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