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Automatic four-point weft winder

The sound of weft winder in operation was recorded in the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź (Poland).
Automatic four-point weft winder is intended for the winding of weft on bobbins for shuttles. The weft prepared in this way is used in looms with automatic replacement of bobbins. In the weaving process, weft constitutes one of two arrangements of threads forming the fabric – the other arrangement is constituted by warp. Weft threads are inserted transversely between warp threads. In the case of the recorded weft winder, weft is wound on synthetic material bobbins.
The weft winder was manufactured in 1967 by Totex Chrastava Frydlant factory (Czechoslovakia). Although in the Central Museum of Textiles the machine is displayed as an independent device, weft winders used to operate in segment arrangement, with several machines placed side by side.

Sound recordist: Monika Widzicka
Photographer: Piotr Leszczyński
Video recordist: Piotr Leszczyński


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Recorded on September 29, 2014
Central Museum of Textiles
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