Gold Mining panning Prospecting

Prospector panning gold in Lapland

The most important tool for a gold prospector is the pan. It is used to separate gold from the concentrate of other heavy minerals and materials. In a rich deposit pan can be used without sluicing or any other pre-processing method. On the other hand, pan is an essential tool in machine operated panning sites, too.

The models and materials of pans have developed in the course of time from pumpkin rinds to wood, metal and plastics.

The history and heritage of gold digging in Finland is preserved in the Goldmuseum Tankavaara.

This recording has been made in cooperation with the Goldmuseum Tankavaara

Video: Hanna Mattila
Photo: Hanna Mattila
Sound recording: Hanna Mattila
Video editing: Kimmo Kestinen


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Recorded on June 17, 2015
Gold panning area
Tankavaara, FINLAND
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