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Portion of chips in a drainer

French fries are a Belgian national treasure and legend says that they were invented in this country.

The chip shop J. Vandervaeren has been run by Daniel Sinnen since 2012 and is located close to the Atomium, in Brussels.

Here are the various sounds associated with the preparation of (good) chips:

The fries are shaped from Bintje potatoes. They first go through a pre-cooking in oil between 135° and 140° which lasts between 6 and 7 minutes. At the end of this phase, they naturally rise to the surface.

The second cooking reaches 180° and occurs only when a customer orders chips; it takes between 60-90 seconds, depending on personal preference. Before serving the customer, the cook places the portion of chips in a drainer where the chips can dry and be aerated. The only thing left to do is to salt them and choose a sauce (mayonnaise is the most consumed sauce accompanying fries in Belgium) .


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Recorded on January 10, 2015
Brussels, BELGIUM
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