Dortmund Soundscape Tremonia Park

Tremoniapark – A Soundscape

The Tremoniapark is a park within the city of Dortmund and a product of structural change. Located on the former area of the ironworks “Carl of Born” (1865 to 1926) it was built by the city of Dortmund in the 1990ies. The site also belonged to the Zeche Tremonia (1855 to 1931) from which it derives its name and the steelworks Rothe Erde. The steelworks still exist on the northern fringes of the park as part of the Thyssenkrupp concern.

Nowadays the park is used for sports and other leisure activities. This is a recording of the soundscape of the Tremoniapark on a hot summer evening. People are sitting on the grass and chat. There are groups of basketball players and swordfighters with wooden sticks as well as a Capoeira group. People jog and cycle on the gravel path that surrounds the park. There are bees and birds and someone walks by on the dry grass.

Sound and photo: Kathinka Engels


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Recorded on July 24, 2019
Tremonia Park
Dortmund, GERMANY
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