Krakow PN3 tram

The PN3 trailer – the grid

The sound of opening and closing the grid protecting access to the PN3 trailer.

Small PN3 trailer cars, manufactured in 1909, were brought to Krakow during World War II. They operated in the streets of Krakow until 1959. Later, the tramcar bodies were used as storage sheds or as playground components.

The tram belongs to Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne S.A. public transport company in Krakow and during the recording it was being exhibited at the Museum of Urban Engineering. The car is in operation and is occasionally used in the streets of Krakow. The PN3 trailer car recordings were used in the audiovisual installation "The Ghost Tram" under the "Sounds of Changes" project.

Sound recording: Marcin Dymiter aka Emiter
Photo: Bruno Fidrych, Museum of Municipal Engineering


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Recorded on February 26, 2019
Museum of Urban Engineering
Krakow, POLAND
Creative Commons License