Åkersberga Horses Stable Stockholm Sweden

Soundscape of a stable (2)

This is how it sounds like in this stable every morning at around 07:00 o'clock, with some minor differences depending on the weather outside. Since this was a hot and sunny day the horses are not primarily fed inside the stable before they are led out into the pasture - instead the hay for the horses has been laid outside in different piles which every horse will eat from, rather to being fed breakfast inside the stable. In this stable there are three boxes for three horses, and outside there are two more boxes for two more horses - so five horses in all.

When the horses have eaten their special food and being clothed they are led out and then the true work commences; cleaning the boxes, refilling the water tanks, cleaning the floor and so on and so forth. Since the humans actually working here (two persons, me included) are an important part of the soundscape I have not edited out any talk that may be heard. Also, I think it is important to actually add this soundscape to the database since not a lot of people actually know how a stable sounds - especially not when more and more people move into the cities and away from the countryside.

Photo and recording by Erik Pålsson.


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Recorded on July 8, 2018
Stockholm, SWEDEN
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