Fire fireplace heating

Setting Fire to the Masonry Heater

Near Tampere railway station stands in 1920 built residential brick building called Lompanlinna. Lompanlinna was originally built for railwaymen but today it is renovated for student-apartments.

Lompanlinna is renovated with the respect of the old design and atmosphere. The original masonry heaters of the rooms are also renovated and retained. Masonry heater is a brick stove covered with sheet metal. Heater is fired by wood. Heater can release heat up to 36 hours after the fire has gone out.

Setting fire to a masonry heater is very safe and easy. Important thing to do is to open the chimney valve before setting the fire. Woods must be dry and they are layed in the bottom of the oven. After the fire has gone out the chimney valve should be closed to get as much heat as possible.

Video recorder, Sound recorder, Photographer: Laura Vaara


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Recorded on February 13, 2018
Tampere, FINLAND
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