1930s Railroad Stockholm Sweden Train

Roslagsbanan, train from 1934 without guide (1)

This is a train built in 1934 and used up until the 1990s - and in this version of the soundscape there is nothing but the train and the wind. The wear of the trains long life can be seen in some parts of the train - the metal stairs for walking in and out of the train has been almost hollowed up by the countless feet that has used them. Roslagsbanan is a railroad that is quite unique in Sweden since it is the only narrow gauge railroad still in commercial use. Most of the tracks are also single; which also can be seen as unique given that thousands of people use it everyday.

Special thanks to Hans Lindblom who drives the train and has given me a lot of information regarding the technical specifications of the train (which unfortunately cannot be done justice in a translation by me). He also let me tag along back to from the train started, so that I could record its sound while empty.

Photo and recording by Erik Pålsson.


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Recorded on July 29, 2018
Railroad Roslagsbanan
Stockholm, SWEDEN
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