Airport Luggage

Luggage belt in cargo space

The sound source is a running luggage belt at Norrköping Airport.

Luggage belts (sometimes refered to as luggage carousel) is a sort of conveyor belt that is used at airport terminals as a concluding part of the luggage tour from the airplane to the owner of the luggage. The process of the transport is operated by the employees of the airport which fetch the bags from luggage storage of the aeroplane and put them on a vehicle which is driven into the terminal and is finally loaded upon the conveyor belt.

The sound of a luggage belt is usally heard in a big echoing waiting hall together with the sound of the travelers, but is here heard in the cargo space where the bags are moved from the vehicle for bag transportation to the belt behind the waiting hall.

Norrköping Airport was built in 1934 and has trafficed scheduled flights since 1936. Norrköping municipality runs the airport. It is Sweden’s oldest civil airport which is still in use.

Recorded by: Niklas Eriksson and Marcus Lundberg


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Recorded on March 24, 2014
Norrköping, SWEDEN
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