Electricity Hydropower

Hydropower Station

The hydropower station within the Slovenia Partisan Printing Shop was set up to generate energy for the printing press. It is fitted with a Pelton turbine, suitable for the water sources running at low flow rates and with high hydraulic heads. Water is delivered to the turbine via a high-pressure pipeline and the turbine drives a DC generator. The generator (980W, 220V, 85A based on the rating plate fixed to the generator) was manufactured by Weizer Elektricitatswerk. According to the printing shop manager, the generator was modified so that its output is now 1500W. Today, the power station still generates the electricity required for the operation and maintenance of this piece of Slovenian cultural heritage.

This printing shop was the largest and best equipped partisan printing shop in the western part of Slovenia. It operated from September 1944 to May 1945. Further to other newspapers, brochures, leaflets, booklets and such similar special mention should be made of the Partisan Daily, the only daily newspaper in the occupied Europe printed by a resistance movement. The printing shop which is today under the auspices of the Idrija Municipal Museum has been fully preserved and the printing machinery is still operational. As part of the cultural and historical heritage has been open to public since 1947.

More information on Slovenia Partisan Printing Shop: http://www.muzej-idrija-cerkno.si/index.php/en/locationsexhibitions/permanent-exhibitions/slovenia-partisan-printing-shop.html

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