Billets Grinding Imperfections Metal Ravne

Grinding imperfections from billets

The sound of grinding imperfections from a billet.
Grinding to remove surface defects from billets after thermal treatment, which leaves microscopic cracks and oxidised spots on the surface. This serves as a basis for further ultrasonic testing. The removal of any defects is either performed selectively by spot grinding, or by a complete surface treatment (face grinding).

A Centro Maskin 3 is used for grinding large workpieces and ingots. The grinding table is composed of two parts and can adapt to any dimension. It is a double head grinder which means that both top as well as lateral surface of a workpiece can be treated.

Grinding is used to create a flat surface or to produce very fine finishes and accurate dimensions and consequently can help produce high-quality treated surfaces.

Metal Ravne is the legal successor to Železarna Ravne. The company's range includes a steel plant programme, which starts the production of all their rolled and forged products. Due to technological modernisation over recent years, the company has all the most important machinery for the production of high-quality steel, including a 45t UHP electric arc furnace, a vacuum ladle furnace and a state-of-the-art ‘teeming pit’ for high-class conventional ingots. Their range of products includes ingots, billets with rounded edges and wide flats, with round, flat and square sections, forged bars, machined forgings, discs, bushes, etc.

Sound recordist: Boštjan Troha
Photographer: Veronika Štampfl
Video recordist: Barbara Grilc


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Recorded on December 11, 2014
Metal Ravne d.o.o.
Ravne na Koroškem, SLOVENIA
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