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Göta Kanal (lock): Train

Göta Kanal is a canal in Sweden that connects the Baltic Sea with Kattegat, and with that Skagerrak and eventually the North Sea. It goes through a large part of southern Sweden, from Gothenburg to Söderköping - about 614 kilometers whilst the canal itself is around 190 kilometers. It was built between 1810 and 1832 and was a very important trade route - until the railways were introduced. Today it is a popular tourist attraction for both swedes and people coming from abroad - with or without their own boats.

A recurring even that I choose to capture at the Norsholm section of Göta Kanal is the train bridge where trains pass quite often, creating a thundering contrast in the otherwise quiet area of the canal. The bridge can be raised for when boats arrive, although they have to be quick when doing so since the bridge is heavily trafficked.

Photo and recording by Erik Pålsson.


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Recorded on July 15, 2018
Norsholm, SWEDEN
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