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Ford Model T “Tin Lizzy”: Running Engine

The Ford Model T marks the starting point of mass motorisation. It was developed by Henry Ford. From 1914 onwards Ford produced the Model T on a production line. This reduced production costs significantly and made the “Tin Lizzy” the first car that was affordable for the masses. With 15 million cars that were produced until 1927 it was the most successful car model at the time. This record was broken by the VW Käfer as late as 1972.

The Ford Model T in the recording was produced in 1926. It is owned by a private collector, who lives close to Cologne. Before coming to Germany it had been exhibited in a museum in Yukon (Canada). It is unclear, however, whether the car has been restored in the past and how this may have affected its sound.

In this recording you can hear the running engine of the “Tin Lizzy”. The recordist stood at the front of the car, next to the engine.

Photographer: Kathinka Engels
Sound Recordist: Kathinka Engels


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32 s
2 (Stereo)
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96 kHz
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32 bit

Recorded on April 13, 2018
Private Collector
Niederkassel, GERMANY
Creative Commons License