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DEW21 Landfill Gas Plant I: Gas Motor – Starting, Running and Turning off

Garbage can be used to generate energy. This is done by landfill gas plants such as the one by DEW21 in Dortmund Grevel. The plant, which has been built in 1993, burns the gas that is issued by the garbage at the city dump site within a block heat and power plant to generate electricity.

The recorded gas motor (Type JGC 320 GS-L.LC) is part of the block heat and power plant. It was built by Jenbacher Energiesysteme AG in 2000. The motor is a normal Otto motor which runs with 20 cylinders. It generates up to 1.034 kW of electricity. In the recording you can hear the starting, running and turning off processes. At that moment it generates 500 kW of electricity.

Sound Recordist: Kathinka Engels
Photographer: Chiara Adrian


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5 min 40 s
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96 kHz
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32 bit
95 dB

Recorded on February 1, 2019
DEW21 Landfill Gas Plant
Dortmund Grevel, GERMANY
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