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Coffee Roaster

Ideal Rapid Gothot
Made in 1951,Germany
Type JRHS1, machine nro 138.
Motor Heemaf, Dortmund,Germany.
Bought from Holland in 1998.
Max. dB. 85,9.
Max. aroma: superb

The green, unroasted coffee beans from fair trade producers are exported to Tampere, Finland in coffee sacks. Coffee beans are stored in silos. Almost 100 sacks can be put to one silo. When the roasting starts, the coffee beans are conveyed from the silos to the roaster. The roasting chamber is heated by gas flame. Once heated enough, roasting takes about 12 minutes. The barista checks a sample of coffee to judge the degree of roast from the bean's color. One can roast the next set while the first one is still cooling.

The main sound comes from the roasting drum. The coffee is continually kept airborne to roast evenly.

Coffee roasting took place in Tampreen kehitysmaakauppa ry, Fair trade organization in Tampere, specialized in wholesale and coffee roasting. The organization was founded in 1983 to increase fair trade. Mainly they buy coffee beans from Tanzania Kilimanjaro Native Co-Operative Union but also from Bolivia and Ethiopia. They buy also Café Caracol, which comes from zapatist areas in Mexico. In Kehitysmaakauppa they roast espresso beans, instant coffee and filter coffee with two roasts: medium dark and dark.

Sound recording: Leena Ahonen
Video Recording: Kimmo Kestinen
Photographer: Leena Ahonen


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Recorded on May 27, 2015
Fair Trade Coffee Roastery
Tampere, FINLAND
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