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Changing of the Guards (1)

This soundscape is of me standing in the middle of a crowd with tourists, right smack in the middle, and I managed to capture both what is said at the changing in sound (I unfortunately could not see it), and how it sounds like being in a crowd of tourists. Here follows a translation of what is being said by the man with a microphone:

"The Royal Swedish Navy Band is stationed in Karlskrona (Southern Sweden) and consists of thirty professional musicians. The Navy Band is the oldest in Sweden and their roots go as far back as to the 1680s, when the naval town of Karlskrona was founded. Among the many tasks of the Navy Band involves both parades, ceremonies and national and international concerts.

During the changing a short program will be played, directed by Alexander Hansson. Under the lead of the regimental drummer Karin Svensson, the Royal Navy Band."

Soldiers shouting at tourists to stay behind the ropes can be heard as well as soldiers marching into the courtyard.

Photo and recording by Erik Pålsson.


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Recorded on July 5, 2018
Stockholm , SWEDEN
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