bicycle bike cassette Workshop

Bike parts are washed with a degreaser and brushed

The brand of the bath is Rozone and the cleaning solution is OzzyJuice. The cleaning solution rotates in a closed circuit. It is the bike cassette which is cleaned here. The cassette matches all the chainrings located on the rear wheel, on which the chain is positioned. When changing gear, the chain moves up or down a notch on the cassette.

BikeEmotion is a bicycle shop in Uccle. Geert Heugebart took over this shop in 2011 and is responsible for the sale, rental and maintenance of bikes. He employs three people in this private limited company (SPRL). He has his own workshop, where he repairs bicycles and parts from all brands.

Marcel is the mechanic and has worked at BikeEmotion for three years. He did an apprenticeship in Radeberg, where he became a bike mechanic. It was one of the only schools in Germany to offer this training, which lasts two years.


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Recorded on June 16, 2015
Bicycle workshop
Brussels, BELGIUM
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