Automatic scrubber drier

Taski Swingo automatic scrubber drier in use at the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas. The scrubber drier is used for floor cleaning in places where large areas of floors are washed, for example in schools, big markets, factories and museums. The scrubber drier washes and dries the floor simultaneously. It’s faster and lighter to clean with the machine than manually.
After use one empties the dirty water out, washes the parts and refills the machine with clean water and general detergent.
After use dirty water is emptied from the machine, the parts are cleaned and finally the machine is refilled with clean water with general detergent.
Machines capacity is 10 litres of water. This scrubber drier is small allowing it to enter to narrow areas too. One can wash 20-200m2 with one fill, depending on the dirtiness of the floor.

The maximum sound level of the running machine is 80 decibels.


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Recorded on March 28, 2014
Finnish Labour Museum Werstas
Tampere, FINLAND
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