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TRABANT 601 – TRAMP – car horn 1/ several short beeps

The Trabant 601 Tramp Car is a civilian version of the Trabant Kübel, primarily intended for use by the East German Army and Forest Service.
The owner of this Trabant is an employee of Technical Museum of Slovenia. It was made in 1988 and is one of the last of its kind. In 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, four-stroke Volkswagen engines were installed instead of two-stroke. According to the owner`s knowledge, the car came to Yugoslavia, with an unknown number of other Trump cars, for the needs of rent-a-car company Kompas Hertz. They were for rent in several locations along the Adriatic coast and in Slovenia. At the collapse of Jugoslavija and the state company, the car became a private property. The current owner regularly maintains the car and writes a blog about it:

Sound recordist: Boštjan Troha, Katarina Batagelj
Photographer: Irena Marušič


5.3 MB
13 s
2 (Stereo)
Sample rate:
Bit rate:
Bit depth:
96 kHz
3072 kb/s
16 bit
77 dB

Recorded on July 23, 2019
Technical museum of Slovenia
Borovnica, Vrhnika, SLOVENIA
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