5 sounds with tag 2000s
  • Baking machine

    Baking machine for baking bread. The brand is Melissa. Photo and recording Helena Törnqvist
  • Coffee percolator

    A coffee percolator in stainless steel, made in the 2000s. The percolator is a sort of pot that is used to brew coffee using gravity, filtering the...
  • Electric mixer

    Electric mixer for baking or whipping cream. Photo and recording Helena Törnqvist
  • Lego (1)

    Many people will recognize the sound of one playing with lego, or two the sound of an entire box of lego being emptied on the floor (and three the scream...
  • Lego (2)

    When the playing is done, then comes the tedious work of putting it all back into the box... ugh! Photo and recording by Erik Pålsson.