Hearing test rekryteringsmyndigheten Soundscape

The Swedish Defense Recruitment Agency – Hearing Test

Sound one: Hearing test: while sitting in a soundproof cage the recruit listens to a recording of sound frequencies to determine how well he or she can hear.

This is a sound journey from the Swedish Defense Recruitment Agency. The soundscapes documents the tests a recruit have to go through to determine if they are fit for military service or not.
The Swedish Defense Recruitment Agency is under jurisdiction of the Swedish government and part of the ministry of defense. There is three different bases of operation; Malmö, Stockholm and Karlstad. The agency does not only test recruits for military service but also applicants for the police force and similar professions.
In 2011 national service in Sweden was abolished but as of 2017 it is again a requirement by law for Swedish citizens (both men and women) when they turn eighteen to undergo test to determine if they are fit for military service.

Sound recorder: Fredrik Johansson. Photography: picture taken with permission from official site of The Swedish Defense Recruitment Agency.


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Recorded on October 23, 2018
Recruitment Agency
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