aplauding blowing whistles Horn instrument "raglja" megaphone speech strike

Strike – teachers

Most schools in Slovenia were closed on 16th of February 2018 as some 40,000 teachers held a one-day strike. About 20,000 teachers from all over Slovenia flooded the city center of Ljubljana blowing whistles and holding banners such as: “I cannot live only from love for my profession,” and “We educated you, where did we go wrong?” . The main demand was that the average teacher’s wage be increased by about 10 percent. The strike was organized by teachers’ trade unions SVIZ.

Sound: blowing whistles, people cheering and talking, megaphone
Sound: Dušan Oblak
Video: Barbara Rezar Grilc


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Recorded on February 16, 2018
Ljubljana, Kongresni trg
Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
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