Frame saw Marble Saw Stone

Stone frame saw – marble

In this recording all three frame saws are working at the same time.
It takes 4-5 days to saw through the block of marble.
The saw blades have no teeth. Sand and water is sprayed on top over the blade and lies between the stone and the blade and the friction makes the blades to saw through the stone
The marble frame saw is charged once a week

Sound level: 90-92 Db, measured from two meters.

The machine was built by a local firm in Borghamn, Holmqvist's mechanical, the local blacksmith. The frame saw was built 1951

Recorded at Borghamns Stenförädling AB, Borghamn, a family business founded in 1951.
The company is quarrying limestone and Kolmården marble.


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Recorded on August 26, 2014
Stone processing industry
Borghamn, SWEDEN
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