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Pispalan Uittotunneli (Log Driving Tunnel)

Pispalan uittotunneli was built in 1968. It was originally made for log driving but was never put to use. The plan was to replace the old tunnel that was built in 1930.

The tunnel was opened 40 years later to serve a different purpose as a pedestrian walkway and transportation route for boats.

During the summer season there is a summer café on the Näsijärvi (lake) side of the tunnel.

The tunnel is 280 metres long and the diameter is 5,2 metres. In the audio you can hear birds chirping, footsteps on different surfaces like dry and wet gravel and somewhere in the middle the low rumbling of traffic going over the tunnel.

Sounds of flowing water can also be heard. During the winter a lot of ice forms inside the tunnel and sometimes it takes months for it to melt.

Sound recorder, video recorder, photographer: Antti Makkonen


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Recorded on May 23, 2018
Pispalan uittotunneli
Tampere, FINLAND
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