CentrO entertainment mall Food Hall Oberhausen shopping mall Soundscape

CentrO Oberhausen at Christmas Time III – Soundscape Food Hall “CocaCola Oase”

The CentrO Obehrausen is one of Europe’s biggest shopping and entertainment malls. Opened in 1996, there are now more than 250 shops on 2 floors and 125.000 square metres. A multiplex cinema, the aquarium sealife, a large musical venue and an amusement park compliment what has been called “the new centre of Oberhausen”.
However, the CentrO is a result of structural change. Since 1758 various ironworks had been located at the site and surrounding areas of today’s CentrO. As Gutehoffnungshütte it became one of Germany’s biggest ironworks and machine construction concerns in the 20th century. Its slow dissolution began in the 1980ies, partly as a consequence of the steel crisis. The MAN AG, to which the Gutehoffnungshütte belonged at that time, moved the headquarters from Oberhausen to Munich. The area became an industrial wasteland until British investors proposed to build the CentrO. Demolition of the ironworks and construction of the shopping mall and amusement centres began in 1992.
The sounds of the Gutehoffnungshütte have disappeared for good. Now you hear the sounds of consume and entertainment.
This is a soundscape recording from above the big food hall “CocaCola Oase”. You can hear the voices and steps of many people, clattering dishes and cutlery as well as droning music in the background.
Sound Recordist: Konrad Gutkowski
Photographer: Kathinka Engels


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Recorded on December 13, 2017
Centro Oberhausen
Oberhausen, GERMANY
Creative Commons License